GAP Industry Icons Bel Ami Boys Dolph Lambert, Kris Evans and Sasha Chaykin Heat up Hell & Heaven!

November 2012 San Paulo, Brazil . . . . .

NEVER SEND A BOY TO DO A MAN’S JOB.  Unless it’s the Bel Ami Boys.  And in November 2011 that’s exactly what the Brazilian GLBT Party Hell & Heaven asked Prague-based company Bel Ami to do – send them their best men, a deal which sent the Bel Ami Boys Dolph Lambert, Kris Evans and Sasha Chaykin to bring the heat to Brazil’s annual party festival Hell & Heaven, held in 2011 at the largest resort in Latin America, the Costa do Sauipe, an exclusive, all-inclusive resort in San Paulo, Brazil.

Of course, the Circuit Party is not new to gay vacationing and destination traveling. Events are held yearly all over the globe. The Brazilian take on this event combines party festival with the kind of experience RSVP and Atlantis seek to provide in the all-inclusive weeks they arrange at beach properties in Mexico. The Brazil properties used are 5 star resorts and offer all-inclusive packages, which include ticket packages for the week or weekend’s parties. The Hell & Heaven event is producing its fourth year’s event this November 2012.

Throughout the calendar and all over the world, each ‘party event’ seeks to brand itself in its publicity to entice and excite and set it apart from other party event who would compete for the gay travel dollar. Palm Spring has hosted the spring’s largest White Party for years, Miami hosts the fall’s White Party with a full week of events in Miami’s South Beach. Brazil’s Hell & Heaven party event, begun in 2009, has quickly set standards for pushing that envelope heavily in how they market to the gay traveler.

The photo shoot for Hell & Heaven’s 2012 publicity campaign was shot on location in Brazil as the 2011 Hell & Heaven event was taking place.
And the Bel Ami Boys marketing for Hell & Heaven’s 2012 event is electric! On the Hell & Heaven website, the background picture splashes as much as the screen can handle in hi-res of the Bel Ami Boys Dolph Lambert, Kris Evans, Sasha Chaykin and Mark Hamill.

The 2012 party concept of “Do you prefer heaven looking like hell or hell looking like heaven?” is portrayed through the BelAmi models Dolph Lambert, Kris Evans, Sasha Chaykin, and Mark Hamill, their costumes and masks inspired by the artist David LaChapelle’s work. The designer of the 2012 costumes used in the photo shoot created that ying and yang dichotomy expressed in ‘heaven looking like hell or hell looking like heaven’ visually by fitting the Bel Ami models in white costumes and masks and the female models in the PR photos in black. These colors are viewed (of course) as visual metaphors of good and evil (heaven and hell), an implication elaborated through each costume and mask’s individual shape, construction, texture, as each gives reference to LaChapelle’s style in the layout’s design.

Dolph Lambert, Kris Evans and Sascha Chaykin Heat up Brazilian Hell & Heaven Party 2011

The Bel Ami Boys were also given an opportunity in Brazil to do what they do best. A HOT and SULTRY very hands on three-way between Dolph Lambert, Kris Evans and Shasha Chaykin. Having learned from Bel Ami directors Marty Stevens, Johan Paulik, and Lukas Ridgeston how to position their bodies together in ways very much drawn from their practice in video their stage show is HOT! HOT! HOT! and leaves the boys dripping sweat as they rub all over each other.

Brazil is only one of the destination locations events at which Bel Ami Boys have appeared over the years. Since 2000 (at least) when George Duroy took Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston to San Francisco to accept induction into the GayVN Hall of Fame, the company has progressively developed toward a global model wherein all aspects of the company’s business (including soon a model’s conversation on video/dvd releases) are conducted in English, the world language with the widest market. In developing his European models’ English language skills, George Duroy sends those currently employed most frequently to English language school for four months in Cape Town, South Africa, during the Prague winter months.

As part of this global marketing strategy, in recent years Bel Ami models often appear at gay events around the world to promote the company. Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Barcelona are all frequently visited by Bel Ami boys and as the company has expanded its marketing beyond Europe and America, models have traveled not only to Brazil in South America but also ‘down under’ as they took part in Sydney, Australia’s gay Mardi Gras festival.

Certainly being a model with Bel Ami is a job with benefits, not the least of which is the perk of exotic travel. Of course, it’s just part of a day’s work for the Bel Ami Boys. It’s just part of the job.

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