Gay American Porn – The Industry’s Cultural Influence and Integration in American Society

FYI   Not every guy (or gurl) who checks out gay American porn follows or perhaps even cares that it is part of an Industry.  But porn is a VERY BIG Industry.  In America and around the world.

In the U.S. porn (hetro, gay and all the niche markets between) takes in more cash per year than ABC, NBC and CBS combined.  Wikipedia estimates the yearly revenue as high as $13 BILLION.

Not surprisingly, of course, the economic downturn of the last few years affected the Industry, causing (similar to the banks) consolidation of companies and the departure of a few, as well as the proliferation of FREE ONLINE PORN.

This section of Gay American Porn will highlight the Gay Porn Industry, its history, affect and response to culture, the king pins and star makers, as well as the porn stars themselves, their careers and how they make their living on and off the set.

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