Gay American Porn Icons – Legends and Stars, the Gods of the Porn Screen

In Hollywood movies and studios, a director, company chief, actor, cinematographer, scriptwriter, model/actor grew into legends as their popularity with the paying public grew.  Magazine covers and personal appearances showed the status of stars just as the name above the title indicated the status of the director, producer studio chief and occasionally the model/actor.  Popularity generated status and status translated into paychecks.

At one time David Forrest, agent to the stars both for their professional and personal contracts with the studios and as rentboys to their fans, revealed some of the figures which he had negotiated for his clients.

No doubt the figures were accurate.  The personalities had carefully developed an image and aura that engendered a mass following of ardent fans.  Names such as Jeff Stryker, Ken Ryker, Carl Hardwick, John Holmes, Ryan Idol, Johnny Torque, Francisco Sagat, Joey Stefano,  ChiChi LaRue, Matthew Rush, Reese Rideout, Jeremy Penn, Kurt Marshall, Brian Hensen, Michael Lucas, Steven Scarborough, Jan Dvorak, Lukas Ridgeston and Johan Paulik.  Men whose careers brought fame, highly paid money, and opportunities for personal connections with ‘fans’ through either David Forest or Rentboy or one of the many other ‘introduction services’ which sought to facilitate the market for a fan sharing private moments with his icon.  These introduction services were successful and often provided a lucrative source of money to the porn model.

Sometimes the icon/porn star would make his own arrangements but more often they worked through agencies or agents.  And many of them came to run their own companies. MICHAEL LUCAS entered the gay adult Industry by way of his hustling, both in NYC and Eastern European countries before that.  And he parlayed his success and money into Lucas Entertainment and the making of some of the most successful porn productions of all time.

In various books and articles Mr. Lucas’ successful career as a hustler has been documented, as has his determined effort to build upon that capital to create Lucas Entertainment, a company where he could gather skilled workers who understood his vision of porn as an aspect of life revealed in actions woven into a compelling narrative story line. Art as Life and Life as Art.

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