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Gay Porn’s Presence in American

The culture shock of Mick Jagger singing the lyric ‘dude looks like a lady’ once tantalized American pop culture with its hint of gay sexuality. Not so today. Increasingly Gay-American-Porn is present in America’s mainstream pop culture. From red carpets to political conventions what was once only spoken of behind closed doors and in hushed whispers is now regularly introduced onto the pages of American newspapers and magazines, and viewed as acceptable topics in television programming and Hollywood filmmaking.

No longer a back alley industry, gay porn (even more so than hetro porn) is now basking in the sunlight of Madison Avenue advertising (thanks in large part to Bruce Weber and A&F) and whether openly acknowledged or subtly incorporated the homoeroticism which is the core of gay porn is now as American as apple pie.

Included in this section of Gay-American-Porn are some of the people who are part of the landscape which produces and reflects gay porn’s presence in American pop culture. As initial evidence of the wide acceptance of the homoerotic in America, you need look no further than this picture of 5 men posing for a portrait rift with homoerotic over- and under-tones. A photo put out by the New York Yankee corporate office to promote baseball and the Yankee’s team image. Yes, even, or perhaps especially, baseball, the time honored American pastime (which always sported tight pants and toned bodies) flirts with gay porn as much as the pictures of Dieux du Stade.

From the pages of the New York Times where you can find photos if Marc Jacobs with his latest gay porn boyfriend to films such as Captain America or the Twilight saga, American pop culture has embraced the infusion of gay porn into the mainstream. From gay Mormon calendars to gay porn models as haute couture fashion models, gay American porn has emerged from the nether regions and is celebrated in today’s pop culture.

Are there persons you think should be included in this section that we’ve omitted? Suggest them in the Comments section below.

And, of course, inclusion in Gay-American-Porn’s list of pop culture personalities doesn’t signal anything about the individual person’s sexuality or sexual preference or even about their political or social acceptance of gay men or gay porn. It is simply a recognition that in ways that we cannot always pinpoint, these people are on our radar and in our landscape. And, yes, their presence creates a stirring of homoeroticism that connects in a very visceral way with gay American porn.


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