Gay Porn Industry Models – Get Down To Business

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Like preferences in soda or ice cream, each person who enjoys Gay-American-Porn has his (or her) definition as to what is hot and what is not.  And that often we each find different aspects of gay American porn models stimulating and/or attractive is what gives job opportunity to the many men who dabble in or make a career in the gay porn Industry.

Sometimes, of course, particular preferences (like fashion trends) seem to dominate a time frame.  Gay-American-Porn has at times been focused on the California surfer, tall, lean, tanned and (most often) blonde, while (at other times) the rugged forests have yielded hirsute lumberjacks in work boots and plaid flannel.  The common denominator, of course, is that these men (most often) shed their clothes as they get down to business.  The business of filming gay sex.

These are the porn models.  And each model has his own reason or rationale for doing gay porn.  Some men become porn models for a lark while for others it’s a way to pay for the week’s rent and groceries. Some seek fame and fortune.  Some men simply have an aspect which they and/or a pornographer thinks other men (or women) will find attractive and/or arousing.  Regardless of their motivation, they share a commonality.  They are men who may or may not be gay but (for a paycheck or their own fulfillment) perform gay sex which is filmed and provided to an eager consumer.

Some models work only once on a gay porn set. Like a lightning flash they are seen and then they are gone.  Some spend their lives making gay porn in front of or behind the camera.  Those who retain equilibrium as they enter this Industry are often rewarded with a modicum of fame and, occasionally, a solid paycheck.  But like other forms of showbiz, gay porn is frequently fickle.  It can catapult an individual overnight into a bright spotlight or merely tantalize him with the lure of fame and fortune, of becoming the next gay porn star.

This section of Gay-American-Porn includes a random selection of models who have worked in the gay adult Industry at some point in the past fifty years. The list is not exhaustive.  It’s not representative.  It is simply a sampling of the models who have pleasured themselves (and often others) for our enjoyment.  You may find your favorites included and you may want to suggest other models for our next update in the Comments section below. Like Gay-American-Porn, they are here for our pleasure.  Enjoy the view.

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