Catch up with the latest and greatest of the very F-I-N-E Greg Grove.

Recently Gay American Porn reached out to Greg Grove about his participation in the SFAIDS Walk (he says his commitment to this fundraising is in tribute to a close friend), the several Non-Profit Organizations he’s worked with during his career as Matthew Rush and about his life as Matthew and Greg in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, where he’s building up his personal training clientele.

Matthew Rush has been Greg Grove all his life. Of course, Greg Grove has been Matthew Rush only since 2000 when Greg left Columbus, Ohio, for San Francisco and life as a gay American porn star, or (as he has described the role) an erotic video personality. As he has said often, it was either that or become a clown with the Ringling Circus.

Greg never performed under the big top for Ringling Brothers. Instead he adopted the nom de plume Matthew Rush and the gay porn world has not been the same since. As Matthew, Greg has appeared in over 30 erotic videos, headlined at gay clubs and events, teased and pleased legions of fans.

During his Lifetime Exclusive contract years with Falcon, Greg was featured in each of the American porn company’s ‘destination’ films, which led him to adventures in New Zealand, Australia, London, Puerto Rico, and many many US major gay cities and gay resorts. The results: Good as Gold, Cross Country I and II, Taking Flight I and II, The Velvet Mafia I and II, the Best Man I and many more.

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While at Falcon, Greg often appeared as Matthew in support of Falcon releases. As Greg he made several acting appearances in mainstream film and community-theater, while continuing his career with Falcon. He appeared in the TV detective film Third Man Out, starring Chad Allen, and in the film Another Gay Movie. From 2002 to 2005, he acted in a traveling stage production of Ronnie Larsen’s, Making Porn. He also appeared in stage productions of Ronnie Larsen’s play, 10 Naked Men, and in Austin, Texas, at Arts on Real Theater, he appeared in Psycho Beach Party and CellboQ.

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In the years since Matthew’s departure from Falcon, Greg has continued to work occasionally in the Gay Adult Industry, while also building his clientele as a personal trainer in Ft Lauderdale. Unique among gay porn stars, who most often hide their real names and personal lives from the gay media, Matthew has always been known as Greg. He competed in Physique in the Amsterdam and Sydney Gay Games as Greg Grove from the USA. As he said recently of his life, “I’m proud of who I am and what I’ve accomplished.”
We are too, Greg!

Greg’s piece (no pun intended) will be in the next update.

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