Straight Talk about Gay Porn – Lukas Ridgeston is the handsome sexy man of porn who is even hotter today than days of past. Here is the most recent interview brought to you by GAP about the man behind the public eye, what he has been up to and what his passions are.

A note about our Interview Series: From its inception Gay-American-Porn has had as its raison d’etre the exploration of the affect of Gay-American-Porn in our culture and the individuals who create it. Through EXCLUSIVE interviews with gay porn luminaries GAP will draw back the curtain, shut off the camera and reveal to you the personalities and thoughts of the men and women whose efforts create our fantasies. This is our reality series. Straight talk about gay porn – Lukas Ridgeston on Lukas Ridgeston.

An EXCLUSIVE Interview with BelAmi’s LUKAS RIDGESTON (Bratislava, Slovakia, Sept 2011)

Lukas Ridgeston – The name is legend. The image emblazoned in the minds of generations of gay American men and men around the globe. And at 36 Lukas captures audiences as he did at age 18.

Lukas Ridgeston: Then and Now

In his Exclusive GAP interview, Lukas Ridgeston relaxes and talks openly about his journey in life from the entry into gay porn (and, yes, it’s true, his first gay sexual experience was on camera with Johan Paulik), his university education (he’s a trained architect, having graduated in 1999), the perks that come from having worked at BelAmi half of his lifetime (of which travel and a comfortable lifestyle are most important to him), his ambitions and expectations for himself (which he says don’t include marriage in a foreseeable future), and his development and style as a director of gay porn.

That peek into Lukas’ public and private life has him alternately entertaining, curling his legs up into his chair and spinning tales, and musing philosophically on where he’s been and where he might go. And along the way, Lukas shared details of his hobbies, adventures, travels, loves, views on sex, the value of porn in the lives of gay men and how he sees himself connected to that. And over the next weeks, we’ll share all that with you.

Today, though, we’ll just peek briefly through photos that picture for us his travel in promotion of BelAmi, his pursuit of adventure, the ways in which he challenges himself and keeps in shape and the increasing role he is assuming at BelAmi as he develops his own brand of the BelAmi archetype in his signature Lukas Ridgeston Films.

Enjoy today’s preview and come back as we hear from the legend himself.

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