Gay American Porn – People Who Make Our Porn, and Make It Great

As a product, porn can be produced by anybody with a camera and willing participant(s).  The U.S. Supreme Court has been involved (several times) in defining what is (or isn’t) porn.  And still, like beauty, porn seems to be determined in the mind of the viewer.

Of course, when a studio, filmmaker or videographer (or just a guy with a web cam) starts out to create porn, technical considerations come into focus.

Much like the American Film Industry, porn (made by studios and online companies) employs persons with skilled crafts.  Sometimes the individual has learned every aspect of creating a film/video by participating (such as Lukas Ridgeston of BelAmi Online, whose 18 year career includes credits as model, editor, videographer, director, as well as set construction and set up).

Sometimes these skills are learned in the classroom and then applied on set (such as mrPam). Other times the person learns by doing.  Industry greats arise from varied backgrounds.  What makes them stand out is their ability to get on film and video scenes emotions and actions which allow the viewer the necessary ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ (as literary critics describe the viewer’s embracing the action and especially the emotion of the fantasy being presented).

The first person to be featured in this section highlighting the people who make Gay American Porn is Naked Sword’s mrPam (Pam Dore) whose career began while she was in graduate school studying film at San Francisco State University.

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Perhaps to pay the rent (a reason cited by many to join the porn Industry) or because she cherishes her ‘little bit of naughtiness’ (as she describes herself) Pam Dore moved from an internship editing gay porn as a graduate student in film to work with the major players in the gay adult Industry:  John Rutherford, ChiChi LaRue, Michael Lucas and the biggest and best of the gay porn stars. From editing, she quickly learned the skills of cinematography, directing, art direction and design.  Nominated often for the Industry’s premier awards, she was named 2012 Director of the Year (along with Michael Lucas and Marc McNamara) for the Lucas Entertainment film noir, Assassin.

Here Gay-American-Porn presents an opportunity for you to see mrPam among her friends and colleagues, at work and at play, with Rafael Alencar, Kristofer Weston, Damien Crosse, Sister Roma, Jonathan Agassi, Adam Killian, Jesse Santana and more gay porn personalities than you can shake a dick at. In the pictures of mrPam it’s easy to see why she is successful on set and also why she is beloved by those who work with her.

In a forthcoming feature on Gay American Porn look for an Interview with the Lady herself covering topics that confront the industry as well as why she proudly describes much of her work as Art, the kind of Art which is always capitalized because of its status, adherence to prescribed standards and the successful integration of its many (and sometimes disparate) elements.

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