Gay American Porn – Stars and Models Working Hard for their Money

Models who shoot scenes for porn companies are paid by the scene.  Their contract specifies the kinds of activities they will be required to do, the days for shooting video as well as photographs.  For these services the model is paid, generally at the end of the shoot, the amount agreed upon in a legally binding contract signed before anyone sets foot on a set.

David Forest, who managed and still manages many of the icons of the gay porn Industry, on a few occasions, has shared information about current and former client’s earnings per scene and that more negotiable number, how much a porn star is paid for a ‘private’ meeting with a client/fan.  For Forrest, this part of the business of promoting porn stars was often (in years past) acting as the model’s negotiator for contracts and for escorting, which is the term most often used for the model/client ‘private session’ so as to avoid the appearance of prostitution.

The demand for such services grew as models in the gay adult Industry did more public appearances, which created opportunities for the fan to have personal contact with his film icon.  And, although many models chose to use an individual or company as a clearing house for meeting clients, there were also the ‘pink pages’ of the early Advocate magazine where escorts would advertise their skills.  And as the general population began to see how the system worked and what money could be made, persons not in the porn industry began to offer themselves as competition to the porn models.

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This created the business climate in which the largest of the introduction sites was born.  Rentboy (taken for the British term for male escort) provides a place where any man wishing to offer his skills can set a price, outline activities he’s willing to participate in and  still be within the laws governing prostitution because he’s being paid for ‘time only’ and not for sex.

Jeff Davids and Gus Van Sant are the men (and former hustlers) who worked out the business model for the highly successful through which porn stars and fans, horny men and sex workers can connect.  Here gay porn models found a new and rewarding source of income and because they work for themselves (after paying a fee to advertise on, they set their own perimeters and prices, their annual revenue is not tied completely to porn scenes and photo shoots, neither of which create residual income for the model.

In promotion of their business and the models who work through, worldwide parties and adventures are planned by the parent company.  The biggest of these is Hustlaball, held in London, New York City, Las Vegas, and Berlin annually, as well as smaller events coordinated with the yearly selection of Mr. International Escort.

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For this posting on the means by which porn stars and models earn additional income through escorting, Gay-American-Porn features pictures from the 2012 competition for the title of Mr. International Escort and presents EXCLUSIVE pictures of the Los Angeles event which nominated JESSE SANTANA, who went on to win the title of Mr. International Escort 2012 as well as Best Body 2012 at the company’s party at the Roseland Ballroom, NYC.  Pictures from that event show the scale of participation by both escorts and fans and are presented here with the permission of

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