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Hookup Stories: Seth and Troy


“Hookup Stories” is hotter than ever, as fan fav Seth Peterson shares intimate details about a perfectly pervy-pounding Pride hookup that took place over two delicious days! The sexy story takes us into his hot hookup with seven inch slinger, Troy Accola. We start off with a bang, when Seth slams Accola against the wall; and, the action only gets hotter, as Peterson pounds the pretty boy’s perfect piece down his thirsty throat. Troy doesn’t disappoint when it’s his turn to deliver pleasure. Our boy returns the favor, slinging Peterson against the wall, then gobbling his knob till he’s ready to eat that amazing ass. After a mighty meal, Accola aims his ample appendage at Peterson’s pucker by the boy’s request, and gets to grinding that D, deep inside his delicious dude. Next, the top dawg offers the raven haired hottie a raunchy ride. Seth hops on the boy’s hog, as Accola reaches back to open that ass even further, before Peterson takes meaty matters into his own hands. He dismounts, then crams every inch of his cock inside Troy’s tight tunnel, tenderizing that tush as our infamous cock cam catches all the action from every erotic angle. Accola beats his meat, till Seth slams the spunk right out of him! Troy tosses his boy bust all over his beautiful body, causing Peterson’s perfect piece to explode, and cover his smooth taint with nut, which Seth slams right back up his backside. The sexed up, sun kissed smash masters then make out, in a heated, hair pulling lip lock.

Date: September 25, 2021

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