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Hookup Stories: Travis and Troy


It’s time for another exciting edition of, “Hookup Stories!” As always, this installment opens with a salacious sex story; and, this time, it’s Troy Accola in the hot seat! Let’s just say, our hookup whore doesn’t skimp on one detail during his delivery! He shares it all, from the eye fucking, to the sexual tension, and finally the red hot climax…and EVERYTHING in between! Troy even delves into the delicious TASTE of the dude’s dick! As you know, with “Hookup Stories,” when the models tell their tale, they then put their other skills on display immediately after. It is the perfect time, since they’ve usually gotten all horned up, having just relived their hot hookup! Today Troy is in for a treat, because he’s paired with fan fav fuck star, Travis Stevens! With his fresh, tight clipped fade, Travis is looking extra studly, and you can tell he’s feeling it too. There’s a certain sexed up swagger he has as he kisses Troy, feet firmly planted, strong with heavy cock confidence. Then, he kicks back on the bed, and lets Accola come to him. #PimpMove Like a moth to a bright burning flame, Troy comes. He kneels at the foot of the bed, and takes Stevens’ sizeable shaft down his throat, with tremendous tongue talent. Next, he works his way back up Travis’ torso with crackling hot kisses. Alpha twunk, Travis then takes the lead. He places Troy where he wants, then crams the guy’s entire cock into his mouth. He works the wide wang with porn star prowess, plunging his handsome head up and down, as they both plummet deeper into pleasure every time. In order to get at that golden boy booty, he tosses Troy’s legs overhead with ease. Then, he makes that tight, tan, tush shine with spit, and lust. Anxious to get at it, Stevens sizes up the hottie’s hole, and heaves his hefty hog balls deep on the first of many, expert thrusts. He gives it to the golden guy’s guts every which way, on his back, while cradling his legs, doggie, and finally, a rip roaring, big rig, rump ride! Accola has his hands full as he rocks his hips hard, holding and tugging onto his monster meat till it spits white gold high in the air. Travis eases Troy’s incredible tail back a bit with a strong hand, then proceeds to paint the boy’s crotch and thighs with thick, white ropes of naughty boy nut. Sheer porn perfection.

Date: October 16, 2021

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